About the Founder of Nudge Dating Advice

Nudge was founded on the idea that everyone could use a little nudge when it comes to online dating! My name is Joan Longo, and I am the founder of Nudge.  I am an unlikely success story in the online dating world because I thought online dating was something that I could never be good at, or actually enjoy.  Once I embraced the process of getting myself out there, I actually began to like it.  Just to set the scene: I’m an introverted person, never dated very much previously, and I don’t view myself as an extremely social person.  Traditional dating and online dating were just never in my wheelhouse.  As I went through the process of online dating, I slowly began to learn that there was a RIGHT way to online date, and there was a RIGHT way to online date for ME!  Once I figured this out, everything got so much better.  I went on more dates with really good guys, and not only did I get more dates initially, the dates actually translated into better relationships.  Even if those relationships weren’t the ones I ended up in, I still learned a lot from each of them, and considered them a success even when they were over.  Once I figured out the right attitude, and a strategy for myself I began to enjoy the process.  

And of course the grand finale that you knew was coming: eventually I met my husband through online dating.  I also never thought I’d be someone who would move through the process of dating to marriage quickly, especially since I hadn’t been in many relationships previously, but with him that’s how it went.  We were married a little over a year after we met.  Not that every successful relationship has to go like that of course.  The point is that what online dating taught me about relationships, and more importantly about myself, led me to my ultimate goal of dating:  to be in an amazing marriage.  One dog and two kids later, I can confidently say that is what I achieved.  But I never would’ve been able to do it without figuring out the process of online dating. And I did figure it out, but it took a long time, and a lot of trial and error. At Nudge, we want to help you figure out online dating for yourself without wasting time!  Once I figured out what worked for me, things went at warp speed.  Of course you can’t force a timeline for a relationship, but getting to the fun part of online dating sooner is something you can do!