Nudge guides you to success in online dating

Nudge gives you the support you need to be successful in the online dating world to find your true love.

Nudge is very simple.  We help you navigate the world of online dating with advice, support, and guidance.  Family and friends often have great advice, but they don’t always understand the intricacies of online dating.  Furthermore, sometimes they care about you so much that both you and they don’t even realize that their advice is biased.  Our guidance is specific to online dating, unbiased, and  takes into account your personal wants and needs.  It gives you the nudge you need to be successful in the online dating world.

If you are someone who has tried online dating and gotten frustrated or fed up, Nudge is for you! Are you just starting online dating? Nudge is for you! Maybe you are currently involved in online dating, but just feel like you need a little extra support from someone unbiased and experienced, then Nudge is for you!

Why would you need guidance in online dating?

Since the surge of online dating sites and apps, the so called rules and etiquette of dating have completely changed.  This makes it challenging to navigate.  Online dating isn’t something everyone can relate to, and therefore it can be difficult to ask others for advice.  If you sign up for our service, we can help guide you through the whole process.  You are doing the dating and making all of the decisions, but we are giving you a nudge in the direction you’d like to go in.  Whether it’s:

  •  writing a profile that attracts the type of person you’d like to date
  • contacting people who are right for you
  • figuring out how to approach the first date
  • handling dating multiple people
  • how to tell if you’re on the same page as your partner (or potential partner)
  • being able to reject someone
  • finding ways to handle rejection yourself 
  • keeping the relationship moving forward

or any of the other many things that comes up with the process, we would like to be there for you personally.  The key to online dating is your mindset, and we will help you stay in the best mindset for YOU.

How does Nudge help you?

Work with a Nudge Coach

Signing up to work with a coach at Nudge is going to give you the guidance and support you deserve.  You will be able to tell your coach your situation, ask any questions you’d like, and they will guide you through your dating process.   After each communication, your coach will also send you a written plan for you to refer to.  Depending on how much support you feel you need is how often you can communicate with your coach. It is our sincere hope that you find the person for you.  If at that point you don’t need our services any longer, then we will consider you a success and send you on your way.  You can also keep us around as long as you want though! Often finding a great person is just the beginning, and your coach can help you navigate through your relationship. Ready to get started? Click here.

Use a Nudge Workbook

Not ready for the whole experience of a personal coach, but still want a nudge in the right direction with your online dating life?  See our workbooks that guide you in your online dating decisions without having to talk to anyone! As you make your way through the exercises in the easy to download workbook, you will be able to improve your online dating life. You will work through how you can best approach multiple aspects of your dating life, and how you can take action. Take a look at our workbooks here

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